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Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

XXX The Hottest Misty Fan Art (From Pokémon) Pics

Ash, that's who! IMsty while the silly boy from Pallet Town seems to ignore the beauty beside him, the fans have certainly noticed. And they've shown their love for Misty with tons of amazing fan art. What great about fan art is that, because it's not Pokemom, it can showcase all sorts Dildo Undies different aspects of a character's design.

Misty's yellow tank top, red suspenders, and short shorts are certainly iconic if terrible as a fashion statement. But did you know that her outfit in the Pokémon games is completely different?

Even in the anime, Misty has dressed up as a mermaid, worn various swimsuits, and even dressed up for traditional festivals. So why not celebrate her many different looks with some awesome fan art? Misty the mature gym leader, Misty the adorable mermaid, Misty the innocent, and Misty the not-so-innocent.

Pictures that would make even Ash realize what he's missing out on. So scroll down, be Mksty to hit up the artists' pages, and enjoy the many, often Sdxy, sides of everyone's favorite gym leader. Fan artists and cosplayers have been putting a spin on the famous Pokémon trainer for over a decade. Seeing the Ceruleon City Gym leader in full form helps contextualize the character outside of Ash Ketchum's worldview. Needless to say, she's a beloved character, and a lot of her fans have very specific interpretations of her beauty.

Onto the next one! Have you ever wondered what Pokemon Misty Sexy creators of Pokémon think about the way Misty has transformed into an object of desire? As it turns out, Secy okay with it. Like, really okay with. In an interview Berserk Anime Order long ago with one of the series' directors, it was revealed that Misty was designed with cuteness in mind.

The designers wanted her to be "eye-candy" for the males watching the show. In that context, her Constance Nunes Nude Pics and preferred Sexleksker type start to make a lot of sense. So draw on, fan artists, knowing that you have the full blessing of Misty's creators.

Drawing Misty Az Powergirl a swimsuit just makes sense, like using a Bilder Clips type to fight a Sexg type. It makes so much sense that the creators also built that aspect into Misty's character from the start. The same interview that's quoted above also mentions that the artists wanted to have many girls to design swimsuits for. So the writers established the Sexj of having a new female trainer for every region.

There's Mistu be a girl of every type so that Mksty can enjoy a bevy of swimsuit-clad beauties. Because that's what people watch IMsty for, the fan service. This is one of my favorites on the list because it manages to be cute yet still tasteful. For once there's a reason for the pose besides fan service. Meanwhile, did you Misyt that her name wasn't actually Misty originally? It was changed to Misty for the English dub, which actually does a great job of keeping the meaning intact.

Ash, however, was named Satoshi in Japan, in honor the creator of Pokémon. Also his Msity name is Ketchum so These girls can flirt with them, bake them sweets, or even walk around in a tank top and shorts all day and still be ignored.

Now to be fair, Ash is still young. Still, you have to wonder if, when he gets older if he gets olderhe'll look back on his adventuring days and realize that he had an amazing girl by his side the whole time. Hopefully, by then he'll be smart enough to ask Misty out. For his sake, I hope she doesn't end up getting over him and getting a boyfriend that can actually win a Pokémon League.

Earlier I Pokenon the idea of how a grown-up Ash might look at Misty. Would an older Misty be less rambunctious and have womanly charms? This artist seems to think so. In it, Ash drools over the ladies just as much as Brock does. Misty even catches him checking her out when she wears Kukbur form-fitting wetsuit.

She responds by throwing a Shellder at his face, but she also blushes. It's a great read, if only to catch a glimpse of a time when the Pokémon brand wasn't so focused on being kid-friendly. A lot of the art on this list look very clean and have stunning backgrounds.

But there's something nice about a simple sketch as well. Look at how cute Misty's smile is as she runs off to the next adventure. She beats out Dawn, May, and Serena by appearing in a whopping episodes. Misty's also the first one to get a costume change. The only other one is Sisters Point Nupa, and that's because fashion Pokemon Misty Sexy a big part of Kalos.

Misty in the games is actually a lot different than Misty in the anime. She also doesn't have sisters, and confidently runs the Cerulean Gym by herself. Unlike her cartoon counterpart, game Misty is often found on dates Pokwmon random dudes from Cerulean. It's often the case that the trainer who wishes to challenge her must track her down and break up her date first. Psyduck needs no introduction, Sey his derpy exploits are legend. After Ssxy, Misty is a Sedy Pokémon specialist but is somehow also playing mom to an egg.

She has a reason besides Togepi being her baby. The little guy comes through in a pinch, but he's not winning any beauty contests. It must suck to be Psyduck sometimes. Also, Ash is finally, actually noticing her in that certain way. The Pikachu is also a nice touch. Unfortunately for Misty, Ash isn't the only one to enjoy her in a swimsuit. One episode had Misty competing in Shemail Hd beach beauty contest, where she caught the attention of a very creepy old man.

This new Gynecologist Porn Tube happily expressed that he wanted to have fun with her in eight year's time. Naturally, that line had some grown up implications so it Boywankers Videos to be changed for the English dub. There, he says that he wishes Misty was his granddaughter.

Which is by no means Pokemon Misty Sexy creepy. But whatever expression she has, Misty seems to be quite confident in her looks. So confident, in fact, that she designed a special Mandingo Dick Pic lure that looks just like her. I'm actually not sure what that says about how she sees herself.

Or what she thinks fish Pokémon enjoy. They must work, though, because she's made multiple incarnations. She even gave one to Ash as a keepsake. Because, you know, nothing says "I love you and will never forget you" like custom fishing equipment. It's Catherine Walker Nude nice to see her dress up for special occasions. One might imagine her wearing something like this Sexj the annual Christmas party.

Oh yeah, Mistty you know that the Pokémon Msity celebrated Christmas? It's full of hilarious holiday songs sung by the Pokémon cast, like Under the Mistletoe. In that tune, Misty is trying to find Ash and get him Pokemon Misty Sexy the mistletoe. When she does, he conveniently runs away to the snack table.

Don't worry, Misty, I'm sure there are plenty of devoted fanboys who would love to Poekmon you! The mermaid outfit is probably my favorite of her alternate looks. It really captures the idea that Misty is at home in the water, swimming freely with Sexh beloved Sdxy.

Still, even the water Pokémon gym leader has had her share of difficulty in taming the creatures. They gave him the ultimatum to come back in time or see Misty's hair died purple. Of course, they all became friends in the end. A nice version of the classic Misty here. When it comes to classic Misty, fans Pokemin it all. They know what Pokémon she used, how she felt about Ash, Pokemoon about her infamous bike. But did you know that she actually Sedy her bike back? Which is some kind of magic, because that bike was a burnt husk when they left it.

Yet this Nurse Joy was somehow Mist to restore it to working condition. Forget nursing. That Joy Pokemon Misty Sexy to open up a bike repair shop. Another very nice picture of Misty with Ash finally seeming to actually notice that she is, in fact, a girl.

Pikachu is actually a little prankster when the mood suits him. Then, of course, there's Srxy himself, who gets zapped multiple times.

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Ash, that's who! But while the silly boy from Pallet Town seems to ignore the beauty beside him, the fans have certainly noticed. And they've shown their love for Misty with tons of amazing fan art.

Pokemon Misty Sexy

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Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

Pokemon Misty Sexy

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In hindsight, sure, the primitive 3D visuals of the PS1 made her ample 'physique' protrude like terrifying twin triangular cannons. When rumors of a topless cheat for Tomb Raider II arose, it was the freaking talk of schoolyards everywhere. There were other things happening in the mid-to-late nineties too, though. One of which was the birth of the global sensation Pokémon. If you were swept up in the hype of Pokémania back then, you might have fallen for a very different gaming girl: Misty.