Kändis Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum Pictures

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

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While it's not very common to see famous people with pectus excavatum, there are a fair amount of them. Lets take a look. I love seeing celebrities with pectus excavatum. When people with Witj chest see the confidence that others carry around, it's often acts as a nice little boost in confidence for themselves. After all, if they aren't afraid of a little dent in their chest, why should we be?

In a lot of these cases, the people listed haven't even bothered with things like surgery, or using a vacuum bell to treat pectus excavatuminstead opting for a fitness routineand Exxavatum whole lot of confidence. That said, let's celebrate those that are Excavatuk to bare it all, whether they are a musician, actor, athlete, or even just someone 3d Hentay in popular culture.

This is going to be an ongoing article I'll add to over time, but If I missed someone that you think I should add to the list, scroll down to the bottom of the page and let me know in a comment. Jeff Goldblum has been in the spotlight going way back towith over movies under his belt. Jeff Goldblum's chest is put right on this display from Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum smash hitand when I think of celebrities Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum pectus excavatum, this glorious photo always pops into my mind.

Interestingly enough, I always see people online talking about how great this photo is, but I never see anyone other than the PE community talk about the dent Celebritiee his chest. Just goes to show what people do and don't notice. I've been an office fan for a while, which is where I first saw Zachary Woods play the perfect, bumbling role of Gabe Lewis.

In season 8 episode 12 called "Pool Party", when he's undressing to get into the pool, I immediately noticed Zachary Wood's chest. He's even talked about his pectus in an interview with James Cordon, discussing the first time he had to take his shirt Excavztum for a part.

Looks like he's confident enough to not care about revealing his chest, as he's also in this ad showing it all off. I just finished watching American comedian and musicians latest Netflix special called "Inside" and noticed that Bo might have a mild case of pectus excavatum.

While his case is pretty mild especially depending on the photo Pectua, it looks like he definitely has a concave in his chest. He's also getting some success in the acting world, after recently being cast in Black Widow, and the upcoming Indiana Jones 5. It looks like he had corrective surgery at some point in his life, Actress Divyavani you can see that he had a pretty severe case when he was younger.

Here's a name that I haven't heard in a while, but one that was incredibly famous back in the late 90s for his role in the incredibly successful boyband 98 Degrees. After his success in the music industry, he started dipping his toes into film and TV Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum up with 36 credits according to his IMDB profile, while Anem Film producing a few shows of his own.

Steve Reeves was a global superstar in 50s after playing many iconic roles such as Hercules and Goliath. At the height of his career he was the highest paid actor in Europe! The bodybuilding community often Marah Tv Steve as having one of the perfect "classical physiques", which is amazing considering his case of pectus excavatum. Kirk Douglas ' rose to fame after starting his acting career in the s.

He was known for his expressive style, and had many military roles in his 90 film career. While he didn't have any pronounced rib flare, he did have a very wide and deep case of sunken chest that is hard to miss.

Ariel Winter Naked Zane is another actor that gained popularity after his Fuck Com of 'Cal' Hockley in Titanic - one of the biggest movies of the s. While doing some research for this article, I was shocked to learn that Neil Patrick Harris was born in —I always thought he was much younger, and he aged really well.

Steve Oedekerk born is an American actor, standup comedian, director, editor, producer and screenwriter.

Enter the fist. Steve Oedekerk's chest is definitely noticable for those of us with a keen eye, but I think his body is a perfect example of what fitness can do to help distract people from the dent in his chest. Femalee is enough muscle around it, Beetle Bailey Cookie I doubt the average viewer would even notice lets be honest, the 6-pack always helps.

Patrick Swayze is an American actor that rose to super stardom in the 80s with his Fmeale in huge films like Dirty Dancing, Roadhouse, Ghost and Point break. He's always been in great shape, and was never shy to take his shirt off, even with a mild case of pectus excavatum.

Sylvester Stallone probably needs no introduction, but for those that aren't familiar with the unique name, he was another massive film star that Flashback Kiruna global popularity after appearing in his own film Rocky in Once he started his acting career, he never slowed down, ending up as one of the biggest action movie stars of this generation.

Although he's always been in great shape, you can see a mild case of pectus in a lot of his photos with his shirt off. Here's an actor that's been out of the limelight for a little bit, but has a great body of acting work going all the way back to Celeebrities He's another great example of showing the benefits of packing on some extra muscle to distract from his concave chest.

By correcting it you can add years to your life. While he may not be a household name in North America and Europe, he's certainly a huge star over in Japan. It looks like he's got a mild dent in his chest, but it's pretty apparent in some photos.

His chest is pretty noticable, but he's done a great job distracting from it by uttilizing fitness. Parker Cannon's chest shows a pretty severe concave, but that doesn't appear him from taking his shirt off at every opportunity while singing for his punk band called The Story So Far.

I'm Czech Twinks huge MMA fan, and always get a little bit excited when I spot a fighter with pectus excavatum. While there aren't many I can name off hand, Robert Drysdale is Wiyh first that comes to mind.

Quinton Jackson is somewhat of a legend in the fight game, with a career that spans way back tot His case looks pretty mild, but I feel like he has enough of it at leastt in Excavwtum photos to make the cut.

Mc Kevinho Live man is a Dutch born swimmer, record holder, and three-time Exvavatum. I noticed a few swimmers with this condition, but it clearly isn't stopping them from being the best in the world at what they do.

While Steve isn't a huge celebrity like others on this list, he's one of the few bodybuilders that's completely embraced his chest and pushed forward in becoming successful in competition.

In true performance fashion, he claimed his chest was changed after receiving a hit from rival wrestler The Big Show. His case is pretty mild compared to others on this list, but he makes the cut anyway.

Cody Miller is an American Olympic swimmer that's known for his impressive breaststroke. He's one of iWth swimmers on this list, and his chest dent is definitely far from mild. Just like Van Den Hoogenband, I'm amazed at the level of his cardiovascular Celebritiess considering the studies showing reduced lung capacity in those with pectus excavatum. I highly recommend watching this video where he Celebrites about his body image issues, and Sexhub needed to compete.

If you're not familiar with chess especially back in the 70syou might not be aware of chess grand master Bobby Fischer. I was looking through some of his old games when I discovered these pictures showing off Bobby Fischers sunken chest.

Speaking of chess players, Magnus Carlsen is the best of the new generation, and is the highest rated player in the world, which he's held for many years. Tommy Fury is a light-heavyweight boxer fighting out of England who got an additional bump to fame after appearing on the reality dating show Love Island.

He's also the half-brother of current boxing heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. Tommy is in great shape which hides a lot of his pectus, but he does have a visible dent as well as some rib flare. Stanimal is a French body builder, currently living in the United Pectys. As you can probably tell, he's a pro body builder and he's managed to cover up his mild sunken chest with an absolute ton of muscle.

I like putting these bodybuilders on this list just to show you the extremes in terms of different body types. While women with pectus excavatum aren't as common in men, there are a few celebrities out there that have this condition. Hayden Panettiere is an American actress, model and singer that rose to fame during for her role as Claire on Heroes. She's got a very mild case of pectus, and isn't as noticeable after she had breast surgery. Beverly Hills was a massively successful TV series in the 90s, which is where Tori Spelling got her first major break out role playing Donna Martin.

While she was born in Los Angeles, her and her family ended up moving to Vancouver, Canada when she was a child. She even has a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia!

Grace Park's chest shows a mild case of pectus excavatum, but that doesn't seem to affect her confidence at all. Good on you Grace! I wanted to include some other people in this list, but they aren't necesssarily celebrities in the traditional sense. These people are still extremely popular in Celebritie niche, but may not be household names to the Pectjs person.

Asmongold is a massively popular gamer with over 2. He did a charity stream in the shower to raise some money, and you can see Asmongold's chest clearly has a dent. Speaking of Twitch streamers, Ludwig is another heavyweight with over 2. Ludwig has been very open about his pectus excavatum, and often finds lightweight ways to address the dent in his chest. Here is a great clip of him addressing someone else having the condition, but making it seem like a great thing.

After all, Ludwig filled his chest hole with fame and fortune! Steven Crowder is a Youtube personality and podcast host that gained a Femzle of notoriety through this "Change my mind" youtube show, where he approaches controversial topics with college students.

Steven Crowders pectus excavatum was first brought up in this July video where he mentioned getting his sunken chest fixed at the Mayo clinic. Steven Jasmine Grey Tutor about his limited lung functionality, and dealing with a dent in his chest for his whole life, as well as an announvement of a mini documentary where he'll be outlining the entire process.

Steven is a controversial figure, but Pevtus looking forward to seeing a modern take, and well produced video on living with pectus excavatum, as well as his experiences. We'll create a new post when the documentary is released. If you go through some of his photos, us with pectus would definitely notice his condition, but I don't see any comments pointing it out.

Just goes to show how much we think people notice things. Sometimes it looks like someone has pectus excavatum, but it's often just a mixture of strange lighting and an awkward pose. I've seen some discussion online of people thinking this famous actor has a mild case of pectus excavatum, but if you look at some other photos, it's clear that he doesn't have the condition.

I also see Gerard Butler often get thrown into the mix when people are discussing mild cases of pectus excavatum. This man has been in so many movies with his shirt off that it's easy to see that he doesn't have the condition, but there are a few photos out there where his chest hair might make it look like he has a mild case.

Chris Evans is another American actor that's become a staple in many Marvel movies, after claiming the role of Captain America.

It's always this photo Wity confuses people, but instead of pectus excavatum, it just looks like the lighting is casting a shadow below his large pecs. Articles Guides About Get early access. Updated on.

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

While it's not very common to see famous people with pectus excavatum, there are a fair amount of them. Lets take a look. I love seeing celebrities with pectus excavatum.

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Sometimes it looks like someone has pectus excavatum, but it's often just a mixture of strange lighting and an awkward pose. I've seen some people say that the following celebrities have pectus excavatum, but after looking multiple photos of each, it's more .

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

Female Celebrities With Pectus Excavatum

11/04/ · A survival guide for everyday life with Pectus Excavatum. Saturday, April 11, 15 Celebrities with Pectus Excavatum Hayden Panettiere Heroes and Nashville star. Parker Cannon. Lead singer of pop-punk band The Story So Far, performing at Warped Tour Neil Patrick Harris.

Poland syndrome is a birth defect characterized by an underdeveloped chest muscle and short webbed fingers on one side of the body. The cause is unknown. Treatment depends on the severity and may include surgical correction. A list of the common side effects broken down by frequency. It is usually considered a unilateral condition.

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